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He was born in Havana August 13/1971
At present he live in Madrid City
Graduate level of professional music education, Felix Varela School, Havana, Cuba, receiving training in subjects such as appreciation of the history of the arts, computer applied to music production, literary appreciation, professional training, theory and solfeggio , appreciation and history of music, harmony,guitar,piano,percusions,chant,choir singing,choir direction, etc. And studying with prestigious musicians such as Norberto Chang (Latin Grammy Award for "La Rumba soy yo") arranger of the album and collaborator of the project "Live in Madrid and has passed courses of musical production. Queen Sofía sent him a letter of thanks for a theme made in his honor. Good presence throughout the internet and major social networks with thousands of followers.
He participated in some important activities with them, such as the party organized at the home of one of the main representatives of American diplomacy in the Havana office of interests. There Ivan also met Kattlyn Duffy, head of cultural affairs of the US government in Havana who would be very impressed with the young man and his songs, and not only give him his card with personal contact information but, later, she would open the doors to the interest´s section and present him to many of her friends, without falling into political issues and only focused on culture and overcoming. Al cultural exchange when just barely glimpsed between Cuba and the United States such idea ..
The tireless spirit of Ivan, always in the pursuit of overcoming, prosperity, and personal development also incursion for those times in the cinema, as an actor
specialized helper, getting to participate in numerous movies, TV serials, commercials, both national and international production, music videos, etc.
Also upon his arrival in Spain, he published a very original and interesting book, called "Operation christ of back", which narrates historical, cultural, political, and religious events, arising in the midst of the Cuba - United States dispute, based on a real story of a musician and subtle elements of fiction, which is for sale on Amazon, Selfy, Smashwords, and other internet stores …
Accredited in the S.G.A.E (General Society of authors and publishers of Spain), with music catalogs in the main online stores such as Spotify, Itunes, Amazon, Tidal, Deezer …and a long etc as a musician,producer,composer,singwriter…

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