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Into the Forest band is a great experimental group with influences of modern metal and black metal and death metal including heavy influences of gothic metal.

created by fer azrayz and Issac Soto from the extinct band "tyrants of hell"

the name Into the Forest is a name that speaks about the mysticism of the human being and the immortal forces of the natural the light of the way of the left which maintains much mystery and a lap full of diverse adventures and fantasies and imaginings what which the lyrics speak mainly of themes such as romanticism, reproach, fantasy, history.


(2018) The Eternal Laments of Enchanted Forest:

During that time the group was limited to the composition and creation of the studio album recently released in 2018.

which in the events that took place in the area of the city of Panama, Panama west and the interior could get everything necessary to start taking the marketing and distribution of it.

with the musicians Issac Soto, James Soto, Ismael Valle, Jaddel Núñez (ex-member of the group)

And Pablo Garcia, who for personal reasons could not continue with the project.

which the album had some delays to be released because the group had a low and musical difference which the ex-drummer decides to withdraw from the project.

and even so, the group continued working on its material participating in events and having a great acceptance by its public.

In the year 2018 Luis Azrael joined the band as a fixed drummer of the group with a quick adaptation and Into the Forest could emerge and get in touch with events which the audience applauded and had their songs very well accepted.

And there was an idea to implement 3 guitars which eventually failed.

2019: Your Demons:

The release of the second studio album of into the forest is expected in mid-2019 or 2020.

which is the expectation of the fans and lovers of the group.

In this album, James Soto, Issac Soto, Ismael Valle, Luis Azrael, and Fer Azrayz will participate.

which the disc will consist of more commercial themes and full of feeling and fantasy and mysticism.

Current members:

Fer Azrayz (2013-Present):

voice: main, growl, scream, clean, gutturals
piano: de session
synth: dee session
bass guitarist

Issac Soto (2013-Present):

main guitarist
session pianist
choir voices, harmonies, vocal backing
session bass player
James Soto (2015-Present):
rhythmic guitarist
session bass player
second voices and the leading voice
backing vocals

Ismael Valle (2016-Present):

bass guitarist

Luis Azrael (2018-Actualidad):

vocal backing
screamer, growler

Old members:

Jaddel Nuñez (Drummer) (2016-2017)
Pablo Garcia (Guitarist) (2016)
Marshall Moreno (composer) (Deseased)



The Eternal Laments of Enchanted Forest (2018)

Your Demons (2019-2020) (non-released)

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