• Ian Wallace 1946-2007

    28 Feb 2007, 17:37 de bilsabab


    Following up on my mention of Ian Wallace's passing, I wanted to take some more considered time to acknowledge his musical capacity. This past weekend I spent a good bit of time listening to his playing, particularly with the short-lived '71-'72 period of King Crimson.

    I really want to highlight his playing on the piece The Sailor's Tale. It's spectacular, a stand-out. In particular, I've been listening to the performance in Detroit on December 13, 1971. The opening drum part is phenomenal, the bass drum and ride cymbal are beat in unison in a sort of graced triplet, and then an offset snare triplet paradiddle builds underneath it all. It represents the type of division of attention that I find as the most fascinating thing about accomplished drummers and pianists. Growing up playing orchestral music, I'm not as enamored of string or winds players. I can do that type of stuff. Complete polyrhythmic stuff is off the table for me.

  • RIP, Ian Wallace

    22 Feb 2007, 23:06 de BlackSabbath86

    First Boz Burrell, now Ian Wallace. Another King Crimson legend dies...

    -- Thursday, February 22 2007
    It breaks my heart to tell you all that Ian left us this morning. He slept through the night and was, to my mind, very comfortable. He was still fighting I asked him to let go and fly away...and he did.