• The Streetlamp Doesn't Cast Her Shadow Anymore - No.18

    25 Jul 2011, 19:17 de sighrens

    Hi All,

    Here's the latest update from The Streetlamp Doesn't Cast Her Shadow Anymore music blog:

    Griff, rather surprisingly, wrote about Kraftwerk and thus beat Gordon to the topic (much to his annoyance). Less surprisingly, it was as part of a piece about Le Tour de France. Read the article here.

    Gordon, always one for the unexpected, shocked all and sundry with a piece about ancient British pop parodists The Barron Knights! Whatever next? Read the article here.

    In a piece on sublime Glasgow art attraction The Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre, Griff wrote about Edinburgh folk experimentalist Wounded Knee and quirky Glaswegian jazz-folkers Tattie Toes. Read the article here.

    Gordon wrote about Lech Kowalski's 1980 punk documentary 'D.O.A'. Read the article here.

    The Streetlamp team were happy to dance on the grave of the vile News of the World. Read the article here.

    They then had a second dance on Rebekah Brooks' career. Read the article here.