• Heptagram

    29 Mar 2007, 22:30 de GodSmacker

    Due to the lack of cyrilic I will have to write this pathethic attemt to share with you my opinion of this album, the way I feel about it after a whole day of listening.
    First of all I think I should thank to Daniel for this wonderful musical experience and to tell him that what he did is outstanding.Yeah..so the first real impressions of the album are from early in the morning today.Yesterday I was mostly focused on the type of instrumends that are used in the album , the quality of sound and the skills of that young man *laugh* ..soo yeah maybe I should start with the cover..or whatever its called...there is something sacred about it, I dunno what but..i just feel it.I tried to find some symbols on it but no luck so far.I have this..weird association between the back of it and the seconds song of the album.The thing which is next to the (perfect) circle looks like a pillar..tree or something and the whole yellow/brown color just makes me think of some mystic country in the far east.