• I'm sick of bands with the same name...

    4 Oct 2007, 17:28 de cgo2

    16 sept. 2009 update : It's now almost two years since I wrote this journal, and nothing has change. DoctorT's "Know Issues" thread no longer exists and has been replaced by this thread from foreverautumn, where this issue is no longer mentionned. The FAQ now includes a question "And what about artists with the same name?". The answer is basically a statement that it is "currently not possible to disambiguate artists with the same name", along with advices to lessen the consequences. So ? Has Last.fm dev team give up with this issue ? Are we just forced to "live with it" ?

    Yes I am. Artists or bands that share the same name is a *major* and *very irritating* last.fm issue that does not concern only metalheads. According to DoctorT's "Know Issues" post, Last.fm moderation system is currently unable to make the difference between homonyms, leading to a confusing mixture on artists pages.