• Hayseed Dixie - Let There Be Rockgrass (extrait de mon blog)

    27 Sep 2007, 14:33 de devantf

    Let There Be Rockgrass

    Plusieurs fois que je prend l'occasion de publier ces titres d'un groupe qui a eu la bonne idée de reprendre des "classiques" Rock/Hard Rock à la sauce Blue-Grass. Comme dirait Richard Thompson, à propos de Britney Spears/Oups I Did Again, la notion de bonnes chansons ça existe. Ayez la curiosité d'écouter "Ace Of Spade", même si vous êtes allergique à Motorhead, vous allez voir que cela tient la route. Idem pour "Walk This Way" de Aerosmith.
    Je dois cette découverte à La Biblio de Paris... Comme quoi! Comme quoi quoi? Heu? rien....
  • Purchases 6th Oct 06

    8 Oct 2006, 21:47 de PWotton

    Okay, week one of the new weekly purchase regime.

    On Friday I dropped in to HMV whilst in Yeovil, and purchased the following in their semi-permanent sale:

    Generation Terrorists
    Stars of CCTV
    Let There Be Rockgrass
    And also Ed Byrne's stand-up comedy DVD 'Pedantic & Whimsical'.
    Total cost: £48.95 Result!

    Frou Frou I had discovered on Last.FM via the Recommendation Radio and I can proudly proclaim is the first CD I bought as a result of this very website. A nice and chilled out yet electro-poppy album, a bit like Bjork crossed with Zero 7 in a way, but just.... better.. somehow. One track which isn't so chilled and is very much my favourite on the album, is Must Be Dreaming. Can't get enough of it.

    The Manics album I had on tape before - copied from a mate's CD, when I was about 16 or 17 about a decade ago - and used to listen to regularly on the bus to college to my computers course. I've been wanting to get this CD for a LONG time, but always found other newer items to buy instead. …