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Although Seward "Harmonica" Shah has blossomed as a musician in the last five years living in the Detroit ghetto, his musical training has come throughout his whole life. Shah was born in Oakland, CA in 1946 and split his youth between there and Sommerville, TX where his mother's family lived. In Texas he lived with his grandparents and listened to his grandfather, Sam Dawson, play guitar. Dawson had recorded some songs for Alan Lomax, and young Seward listened very closely. But when he was 16 he got into some trouble and went back to live with his mother in Oakland. There he got the chance to frequent Slim Jenkins' club on 7th St, near the shipyards. The Bay Area was full of blues performers; Lowell Fulson and Big Mama Thornton were around, and George "Harmonica" Smith, B. B. King and Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee came through. Shah has always been in awe of his predecessors and he followed them closely. In need of employment after high school Seward enrolled in the Jobs Corps training and was sent to Fort Custer in Battle Creek, MI. The move to the Midwest introduced Shah to Chicago bluesmen and he saw Buddy Guy and J B Hutto at the base canteen and the Eldorado Lounge. His job training found Shah a job at Ford, where he worked for 15 years in plants in Woodhaven, Sterling Heights and Rosenville

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