• Driving Songs for my new Car

    26 Oct 2008, 8:12 de GazaG

  • Searching for bad Metal Music videos for a party... PART TWO (Updated!)

    22 Dic 2007, 14:51 de TrueOswald

    Well, since you all did so well last time, I figured I would post one last round and ask for some suggestions before my party next Saturday.

    I am having a party with some friends and we are basically going to get drunk and watch bad metal music videos. People have B-Movie parties all the time, this is something similar to that.

    This is metal from all types ranging from Hair Bands to Thrash Metal to Nu-Metal to Black Metal. There are going to be some casual listeners so I don't want to overwhelm them with too much underground and extreme stuff, but I don't want it to be left out either.

    I would like to keep it to one song per band. If you think you have a better video than the one I have selected, feel free to let me know!

    However, I am looking for suggestions for the bizarre, the cheesy, the insane, and the outright stupid music videos from any type of metal (even what your typical metalhead would call "Fake" metal genres such as Nu-Metal) and I am open to some hard rock suggestions.
  • The Ongoing Saga of the Classic Rock Commuter War (Final!)

    20 Dic 2006, 14:16 de JoeIsListening

    The vehicle I've been commuting to work in came to a spectacular end over the weekend, and I'm now in a car with a broken cassette player. Meaning that the cassette adapter I use for my iPod Shuffle is now useless, leaving me to rely on the radio for my evening drive entertainment.

    Now normally I would listen to Akron's WAPS-FM - a nice AAA (Adult Album Alternative) station that actually plays lots of stuff I listen to and is responsible for introducing me to David Gray, Guster, and The Dandy Warhols). Unfortunately, they "upgraded" their signal a while back ago, and the change actually makes it harder for me to pick them up (I was in their fringe area anyway).

    This puts me at the mercy of local radio. But rather than do that, I've taken to toggling between two regional powerhouse Classic Rock stations: Cleveland's WNCX (98.5) and Youngstown's Y-103 (WYFM, 102.9).

    Last night I got the bright idea to document which songs I choose over others to see which station catches my ear more…