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The sound of Ghetto Kumbé, is a mixture of Caribbean House and futuristic beats. Rhythms that come and go like a ritual, lyrics that are immersed in the unconscious mind to make the body move and bang to the rhythm of percussion.
'Chila Kilé' is the first single they release, where they managed to create a mysterious ritual, leading echoes of African and Caribbean, sounds and from anywhere in the world that has a mystical aura.
Ghetto Kumbé is a powerful trio strongly influenced by African and Caribbean music, Formed by Juan Carlos Puello aka. "Chongo" responsible for making the world vibrate with his hands hitting the cheerful “alegre” drum and djembe, a meeting between the drum beat of Afro-Colombian and the root sound of several West African countries. Andrés Keyta is who is beating the Dun Dun drums, djembé relatives. The third member is Edgardo Garcés better known as "El Guajiro" creator and director of this project, who is responsible for producing the electronic part, the beats and synths that are soaked with the aesthetics of African house currently produced in South Africa, Angola and Portugal.

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