• My TOP50 bands survey.

    14 Jun 2009, 19:44 de ooMaz3Roo

    My TOP50 bands survey;
    Author: Berrniee;
    Bands taken according to my charts at 2009.06.14 15:00hr time.

    1) Describe the band number 15 using one sentence with three words. (Moonspell)
    It's quite a hard task. What I like in Moonspell is Fernando's vocal and lyrics. Also their dark gothic style is very good. So I guess the answer would be "Lyrical gothic harmony".

    2) If you someday stop listening number 5, why would that most likely happen? (Lake of Tears)
    Lake of Tears is a unique band, with various styles' influences. So I guess I couldn't be bored by their music. But as I think further, it seems that this is the only reason why that could happen.

    3) What song from 37 could make you cry? (Midnattsol)
    There are many songs which make me sad, but I'm afraid there is no song which makes me cry at all. At least I can't remember one. But It's definitelly not from Midnattsol's repertoire.

    4) If you could change any member in band 25 to somebody else, who would you change and why? (Disturbed)