• Article by Brent Burton - 2008-07-23

    15 Dic 2008, 16:46 de scothand

    Faraquet had novel ideas about what guitars can do. But don’t call it math rock.

    By Brent Burton
    Posted: July 23, 2008Anthology 1997-98FaraquetDischord

    When Fugaziappeared at Fort Reno in the summer of 1997, the band played a song called “Target,” which includes singer-guitarist Guy Picciotto’s observation, “I hate the sound of guitars.” It’s a sentiment that was common then, back in the era of grunge fatigue, but it wasn’t one shared by Faraquet. The local post-punk trio splintered off from the arty indie-pop outfit Smart Went Crazy that summer. While fellow travelers were courting cellists, thinking up DJ names, and eBaying KraftwerkLPs, Faraquetflirted with the idea of adding yet another guitar to its knotty and already guitar-heavy sound. I know this because I was one of the guitarists—perhaps the only one—who auditioned for the slot in 1998. The tryout is worth mentioning not only in the interest of full disclosure…