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  • Fecha de nacimiento

    23 Mayo 1999 (21 años)

  • Lugar de nacimiento

    Tijuana, Baja California, México

David Esteban Durán Beltrán, better known as Evan Durán, was born on May 23, Tijuana, Baja California from an early age showed his musical interest, in 2010 he began to show his taste and talent for the composition of his own music, supported by his grandparents and Friends in 2012 began publishing their music videos on social networks under the name of "Evan Max".

His popularity grew rapidly, reaching a large number of views and positioning himself in the "Top 100" of "artists in Tijuana" in Reverbnation, occupying the # 9 position for 3 consecutive weeks, the same opportunity that led him to the company's subsidiary Very popular in the music industry worldwide Warner Music Group, Atlantic Records which offered him the opportunity to sign a record deal at the beginning of 2013, leading Durán to reject the proposal for personal reasons.

The summer of 2013 was nominated for the Bandamax awards, managing to enter the "Top 100" reaching the position "# 37" as a group youth proposal of the year. These achievements led Durán to be published on the list of popular artists of the moment by MTV in 2014.

In 2014 he took the initiative to start with one of his biggest projects, without having any knowledge about the independent record companies and the constant evolution of digital music that was at that time ended up founding DurBel Records (previously Duran Bros. Records ). On May 23, 2014 through a distribution agreement with the British company Label Worx.

Throughout his musical career Durán began since 2015 to be invited to participate in group music magazines and television programs in which for unknown reasons he has refused to participate in them.

Durán has collaborated in the release of a variety of singles and music albums, from song selection, cover design, photography and even mastering and production of music videos.

In 2017 he joined the list of artists that sound on the famous radio company within the UK BBC Music UK, thus being a very great achievement for Durán's career because in that same year he managed to be part of the artists who entered the music competition on the Vevo platform formed by Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group.

In 2018 he dedicated himself to establishing relationships with digital music stores around the world by signing a new musical distribution agreement with the Altafonte company who is currently the company that continues to carry out the distributions of Durán's music and its artists.

Durán currently has many projects such as his first book entitled "Independent Artist" the direction of music videos and advice for independent musicians from around the world.

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