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  • Años de actividad

    2000 – presente (20 años)

  • Formado en

    Valencia, Valencia, Comunidad Valenciana, España

  • Miembros

    • Joan Esmel
    • Jose Quilis


Evadne´s sound is based in melancholy, a devoted desperate attempt to set a proper soundtrack to the human beings deepest and saddest feelings.
Solitude, desperation, sorrow, hate, love are some of the adjectives, which joined to a huge melodic strength, gives sense to this Melodic Death/Doom Metal spanish band.

EVADNE, a Spanish Melodic Doom/Death Metal band, formed in 2003 and influenced by the usual bands of the 90´s. Evadne´s sound is based in melancholy, a devoted desperate attempt to set a proper soundtrack to the human beings deepest and saddest feelings!
In 2004 released their debut album (Demo CD) under the name, "In The Bitterness Of Our Souls" (Self-edited). Three years later, EVADNE released their first full-length album "The 13th Condition" (Self-edited), a new attempt of crying out with drowned voice the miseries of most disadvantaged by the goddess fortune.
In 2011 the band returned to the studio to record "The Shortest Way", a conceptual album that narrates a journey across an atemporal world that well might be ours. Mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö (NOVEMBERS DOOM, ASPHYX, BLOODBATH, PAIN…)
In 2012 EVADNE signed with the label Solitude Productions for the release of the album "The Shortest Way" getting excellent reviews in every corner of the world.
At the beginning 2013 the band records their first official video clip with the song "One Last Dress For One Last Journey" taken from the album "The Shortest Way". That same year the band performed their first European tour called "Procession of the Plague" with EVOKEN and OPHIS.
At the end of 2014 the band release an EP called "Dethroned Of Light"(self-edited) limited to 500 numbered copies for commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the first EVADNE release "In The Bitterness Of Our Souls" with special guests like Natalie Koskinen ( SHAPE OF DESPAIR) & J.f.Fiar (FOSCOR).
In the 2017 the band released the last album for the moment "A Mother Named Death" (Solitude Productions) together with a new video-clip of the song "Scars That Bleed Again". For this album the guest star was Ana Carolina (MOURNING SUN & CLOUDS). With this album the band returns to the road to tour Europe again in 2018!

Note; EVADNE has played in countries like; Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Italy, England, Belgium, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Malta…sharing the stage with bands like; NOVEMBERS DOOM, SWALLOW THE SUN, MOONSPELL, EVOKEN, OFFICIUM TRISTE, OPHIS, FOSCOR, HELEVORN, AUTUMNAL and MANY others and has participated in renowned festivals such as; Madrid Is The Dark II, Dutch Doom Days IX, The Malta Doom Festival 2012, Hard Rock Laager XII & Autumn Souls of Sofia 2016.
Evadne are:
Albert Conejero - Vocals
Josan Martin - Guitars
Jose Quilis - Bass
Joan Esmel - Drums / Vocals
Marc Chulia - Guitars

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