• Top 5 albums of 1992

    11 May 2010, 7:01 de timmyc1983

    Ok, so this year i turned nine. Still with my walkman, although i think by this stage most people had moved into cds.

    #5 Jesus Christ Superstar - 1992 Australian Cast

    Although i never saw the production (i guess i was a little young), i loved the music. Featuring 3 of the bigger Aussie stars in music at the time, John Farnham, Kate Ceberano and Jon Stevens, i loved listening to these very theatrical songs at high volume on my walkman.

    #4 Hepfidelity - Diesel

    Diesel, now known as Mark Lizotte (although, if he's still recording may he may have changed back to Diesel) Anyway, this album featured two of my favorites from 1992, Tip Of My Tongue and Come To Me.

    #3 Nevermind - Nirvana

    A shame not to have this higher, but the next two are bloody good albums too. Although I never owned this album until recently, there are some awesome tunes on this album…
  • Top 50 so far

    10 Mar 2010, 11:19 de GuitarBassDrums

    Always thought that my charts on last fm would only represent my true listening tastes once my Top 50 had at least 100 plays each.

    Once my Top 50 got to 10 each I thought it would be fun to explain how I got around to first listening to a particular artist, my favourite release or something like that.

    Also I am on a bit of a blues and blues rock habit at the moment so B.B. King, Albert King and Albert Collins are on their way to take over my top 50 in a big way.

    Anyhow here goes my top 50 as at March 2010:

    1 The Rolling Stones Play Count: 509
    First listen : Start Me Up –single
    Fave Album: Sticky Fingers

    Dad was/is a big fan so got some interest in the Stones from him
    Got some back catalogue a year or so ago and gave it an airing

    2 Paul Kelly 500
    First listen : Gossip album on tape
    Fave Album: So Much Water So Close to Home
    Ps They are all good
    Great artist everyone should know about
    Brilliant Singer/songwriter from Australia

    3 U2 430
  • My First Gig with Jimmy Barnes

    13 Abr 2009, 23:11 de kelgura

    MY FIRST GIG with Jimmy Barnes promises to be quite an unbelievable treat for aficionados of classic Oz rock.

    Jimmy's exclusive guest list for the premiere ten-part series of My First Gig simply speaks for itself: Neil Finn, Peter Garrett (Midnight Oil), Mark Seymour, Marcia Hines,Tex Perkins, Diesel, Richard Clapton, Joe Camilleri, Stephen Cummings and Ross Wilson. Music icons, one and all.

    Each episode sees Jimmy invite one of these superstars into his home, where they warmly and candidly discuss the elements and experiences which led each to pursue a career in music.

    "Most people dwell on the fame," says Jimmy. My First Gig is about the journey.

    "Each step of the show is about a first experience. The first music they heard that affected them emotionally, the first time they thought, 'I want to sing, I want to perform', the first song they wrote. Each of those is a different milestone."

  • CD's I bought last year

    9 Abr 2008, 12:07 de GuitarBassDrums

    It's only 3 and a bit months late but here is a list of the CDs I added to the collection last year.

    I have added a little comment explaining why I got each one.

    Feel free to recommend some more titles for me to add to my listening library.

    AC/DC – For Those About to Rock We Salute You
    Love Back in Black and Let There Be Rock so gave this one a go and ... it's great

    Aerosmith – Devil's Got A New Disguise: The Very Best Of recommended artists from my top 50 said I would like Aerosmith so I tried to find a decent compilation which covered 70s 80s and 90s Aerosmith

    Arcade Fire – Funeral
    Knew "Wake Up" from the U2 live dvd and everyone here was going nuts over them so bought this. Love the opening track.

    Beastie Boys – Check Your Head
    Used to have it on tape. So What'cha Want ?

    Ben Folds - Sunnyspeedgraphic, the LP
    Don't mind the Folds and didn't buy the eps

    Bob Dylan & The Grateful Dead – Dylan and The Dead
    Bob Dylan – Blonde on Blonde
  • 10 000 tracks

    17 Ene 2007, 11:56 de FabShaka

    It was not really an aim, but as I installed the Last.FM client on my laptop, I enjoy my personal radios at my office -and the radios of some of my friends, too, of course (friends have cool taste!)- and so my charts have quickly increased these last days.

    10 000 track: Comfortably Numb (David Gilmour version)
    Played and choosen by my personal radio, what a chance! :) I love so much this song, even if my favourite version is on the Pulse Live Album. It's also funny as it's the song I play the most on the guitar when I get back home after my office.
    I wish to be able to play the final solo as good as Gilmour. But I know this song have been re-arrangered a lot in the studio, but nevermind, it's so great and I have orgasms to play it by myself!!!

    Well, to get back to what I listened to, let's have a look on my top artists:

    - Pink Floyd number 1, by far, KO victory. I listen to them for so long now, and I don't even want to stop. …
  • Barnesy's Birthday Bash

    30 May 2006, 8:43 de dk13

    Jimmy Barnes turned 50 recently, and threw a large party. I mention this here because Dallas Crane were supposedly there, with Dave providing some of the entertainment.

    Everything below is blatantly ripped off of The Age


    "Barnesy's big bash

    "Party of the decade!" declared some who weren't there. "Mick Jagger and David Bowie sang!" the tabloids claimed, wrongly. But Barnesy's 50th birthday bash was a beauty, say the lucky guests.

    Sam Neill, Neil Finn, golfer Peter Lonard, Molly Meldrum, Michael Gudinski, Diesel, Jade Macrae, You Am I's Tim Rogers and Davey Lane, and members of Dallas Crane were among those invited for Moet champagne and a seafood buffet at Baan Banyan resort in Hua Hin, three hours south of Bangkok.

    The 12th Man, Billy Birmingham, was MC and Finn, Rogers, Dave Larkin and Barnesy's daughter Elly May performed with a house band comprising other members of the Barnes clan, with Lane and Diesel on guitars. …