• 2012 Top 100 Tracks

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  • 2011 Top 100 Tracks

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  • The Jukebox Christmas Calendar

    1 Dic 2009, 10:07 de Hollow0ne

    So it's the time of the year, when everyone is opening their christmas calendars. I decided to make a playlist which contains songs titled with only the number for each day 'til christmas eve. So on the 1st day I have a song called One, on 2nd day it's song titled Two and so on.

    And to make things little more interesting I compiled this playlist using Spotify's search bar and adding songs from artists I have never heard before. Well, actually, I tried to find familiar artists, but because of the limitations to the song titles it was quite hard, so I had to pick up some totally unknown and some artists which I know only by name, but haven't heard any of their songs before.

    I'll keep updating this journal each day as days go by and try to write some thoughts about each song. Remember that all these songs are available on Spotify, so if you like you can go and take a listen by yourself.

    Okay, so the countdown to christmas starts and here are the songs for each day:

  • Le Clip de la Semaine: Mesclat

    19 Dic 2007, 1:02 de Joan_Ponce
    Mesclat is a group within catalan scene that mixes rock and folk giving an hybrid combination. Built in 2000 with musicians arrived from several bands and styles, they archieved a georgeous result so powerful which incites to dance.

    They are Joan Reig at drums comming from Els Pets, Francesc Ribera "Titot" at vocals Brams,Carles Belda at the accordion from Pomada, Marcel Casellas at bass from Marcel Caselles Sextet Folk, Pep Toni Rubio at xeremia, gralla, flabiol and tamborino(wind and percussion instruments of the traditional music from Catalonia) from Ximbomba Atòmica and Música Nostra and at least, David Rosell guitar from Dept..

    With traditional intruments and songs, as well as own songs, Mesclat looks for a rehabilitation of catalan traditional roots, musics and language with a hight quality result. And Never ever fotgets the lyrics, with a great amount of political, historical and social content.
    They had 2 albums: