• I Fail To Empathize Once Again

    23 Ene 2008, 8:54 de afz902k

    On the owning of music...

    ███There is an endless discussion in most of the metal "community" about weather or not people should download music. The ones that do it support their cause, while the ones that don't claim that doing it is a terrible offence against the band that creates the music we mere mortals listen to.

    ███It seems like metalheads--especially those that regard metal to be "their life", and who literally worship the bands they prefer--even though they claim to be either open-minded or so "hardcore" that nothing will truly disturb them, will certainly snap when they find out a person downloads music rather than buying it.

    ███They simply can't understand how someone, anyone, could choose not to support the artists that create the music they claim to love so much. How could people fall so low, be so pathetic and feeble!? How?

    ███Now, I don't exactly believe owning CDs isn't better than downloading ripped mp3's with slightly inferior quality to that of the actual record; furthermore…