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David Gilmour told Uncut the story of this song, which contains lyrics penned by his novelist wife Polly Samson. "The basic backing track was recorded in 2004, with a jazz trio in this room (Astoria)," he said. "It's been waiting for something to turn it."

"Polly wrote a beautiful lyric about a girl dancing in a jazz club wearing a yellow dress that comes from a picture that we have by Johnny Dewe Mathews," Gilmour continued. "I recorded it again at Abbey Road with a different band, including Jools Holland on piano, Robert Wyatt playing coronet and Rado Klose – who has been a friend of mine since I was born – on guitar."
The song features double bass by English jazz musician Chris Laurence. He previously played on David Gilmour's On The Island tracks "Red Sky at Night" and "A Pocketful of Stones."
Asked by NPR if there a distinction for her between writing a narrative for her fiction work and the narrative for a record, Polly Sampson replied that the penning of this song, "felt incredibly similar to writing a short story."

"The added advantage is that there's someone prompting me," she added. "There is no blank piece of paper, because the music is there."
The animated video was created by Los Angeles-based filmmaker Danny Madden, whose other credits include Euphonia and Confusion Through Sand.

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