• Song Of The Day - 30 Apr 2009: Waiting for The Roar

    21 Jul 2009, 6:28 de sablespecter

    Fastway / Waiting For The Roar / Waiting For The Roar (1) / ? 1986

    OK, so I obliquely (or was it obtusely?) referred to Fastway before but have yet to choose a SotD by them! Not really an excuse for that, so here 'tis.

    It would have been easy to choose something from the self-titled debut, which is probably the best known album owing to oft-played tracks Say What You Will or their cover of Uriah Heep's Easy Livin'.

    But I have to choose the album-opening* title track to their far lesser-known third album because it's easily my favorite, scoring a solid 70% RDF. (And I see I inexcusably failed to include it in the list of HMs for the AotY Awards for 1986 - now amended.) For a very long time this album wasn't available at all, but it was re-issued in 2006 by the Beat Goes On label.

    Everything about this album is good, from the playing, to the songwriting, to the great hard-rocking vocals from Dave King. I still have a hard time believing that this is the same guy that fronts Flogging Molly these days. …
  • Connections #1

    13 Mar 2009, 5:38 de sablespecter

    Connections is something new for 2009. It's just like playing Six Degrees of Separation. or Kevin Bacon. Except we're not using Kevin Bacon, just the "small world phenomenon" behind the game, and all connections must be made by using only musicians. But here you're not bound by only six degrees, nor is it a competition to find the fewest number of connections between the two artists. This is just an open call to post as many different paths as you care to identify, and to see if you come up with the same one that I have in mind.

    What I initially post will be a simple pair, stated as Artist A:Artist B, and a statement of how many degrees my path contains. (Two artists are considered to have one degree of separation if they have worked together directly.) Then all you have to do is post a comment that shows the full connections signified by that one ":" and explain the connections in your path. For one simplistic example, I might choose two bass players*, Nathen Maxwell:Pete Way.
  • The Bad Plus - Karma Police

    19 Ago 2007, 0:21 de illyn

    Karma Police

    Ну понятно, да?

    Правильно. Ковер версия знаменитого хита Karma Police Radiohead.

    Играют модерновым джазовым ансамблем в составе: пианиста Ethan Iverson, бассиста Reid Anderson и барабанщика Dave King. Тонко так, свободно. Подразумевая, что джаз начался в 90-ые, не в начале XX века.

    С «норвежским», собственно, больше , чем джазовым, фортепьяно. Хотя бассист в The Bad Plus — вот он точно джазмен. Оригинально привязанный к грифу инструмента — и глазами, и звуком: он смотрит, видит и показывает — отдельные волокна из которых сплетены его струны потом — колки с бухточкой, а вот отдельные фаланги пальцев… Короче — мелкие детали. «Макро-басс», что называется. Разборчиво. Барабанщик в составе - экспрессивный и конфликтный, девиантно так... играет, да и ведёт он себя, скорее всего, схожим образом. Смело, хлёстко посылает окружающих нахуй.

    В кавере интересно решено крещендо. В оригинальном Karma Police нарисованное драйвом (на языке электро-усиления), а здесь…
  • Curt Cress Clan

    28 Abr 2006, 5:19 de RocketShipX41

    Curt Cress Clan (1975)

    Here's another great entry into the "obscure European fusion" arena. Drummer Curt Cress assembled an all-star band, with the great Dave King on bass, Kristian Schultze on keys, Volker Kriegel on guitar, and Ack Van Rooyen on flugelhorn. King is responsible for the lion's share of the writing (alone or in combo with Cress) and his funky bass lines are the real star of the show. Schultze contribues Clavinet, Rhodes, and string synth mostly, but also gets in some synth solos. Kriegel is often in a supporting role, but lets rip on some excellent solos. Van Rooyen provides some good color even if he doesn't stand out greatly on any of the tracks. I've had this LP for ages (probably since it was new), and hadn't heard it for ages. It's as good as I remembered. 11/15.