• Is Kanye the most overlooked? Yes sir.

    27 Feb 2006, 15:02 de stolpish

    I can't really tell why people are so ignorant they cannot see our man Kanye West's talent. He's a great rapper with a flow thats unique in todays MTV-based hiphop world, in my opinon that is. But his biggest talent isn't his rap skill, allthough it's moore than good, it's his way of making music.

    He started as a producer in his home town Chicago, Ill., (a.k.a. Chi-Town), making beats for such artists as Rhymefest (his friend from back in the days) and Twista. Later on he became recruited by Jay-Z's record label (run by the C.E.O. Dame Dash).

    At the studios of records, Kanye West begun making history. Along with his producing colleague Just Blaze they were making Jay-Z's big record label even bigger. The most known of Kanye West's work at this time is by no doubt Jay-Z's Blueprint which became a huge success and sold out right away.

    After a fatal car accident Kanye West was very badly injured. His jaw became crushed and at the hospital they luckely fixed it again…