• Top Rap albums 2011

    27 Dic 2011, 23:21 de Mistah_BH

    01. Kendrick Lamar- Section.80
    Fav. track: HiiiPower
    It just makes me smile when I think of what Kendrick is going to do to hip-hop in the following years. “Section.80” is one overly sentimental Colin Monroe hook and one uber-crazy beat (Tammy’s Song) away from being a perfect rap album.

    02. CunninLynguistsOneirology
    Fav. track: Shattered Dreams
    I wouldn’t have thought that the CunninLynguists wouldn’t be my number one this year. Congratulations to Kendrick. However: A brilliant concept album. Deacon, Kno and Natti never disappoint. The perfect soundtrack for the night, as the sun went down I used to press play…. many, many times this year!

    03. ElzhiElmatic
    Fav. track: Halftime
    A remake of “Illmatic” Who needs that?  That’s what I used to think… until I heard this fantastic record. eLZhi is always on point with his lyrics and rhyme schemes and Will Sessions did a great job with their recreations of the instrumentals. This tape should be the prototype for every tribute album in the hip-hop genre.