• [BP054] Cursed Chimera - The Coat Hanger Clinic

    15 Mar 2010, 8:51 de bypass_label


    Artist: Cursed Chimera
    Album: The Coat Hanger Clinic
    Cat#: BP054
    Date of release: 10, Mar, 2010
    Style tags: , , , ,
    Format: File, MP3, 320 kbps + File, FLAC

    Release notes:

    "Wanting to create an album featuring an East meets West attitude without sounding like a hokey world Beat fusion album was not an easy task. I crafted some of these sounds in Ziko Iko Iko to mimic my emotions after watching a few South Korean horror films, the graphic and prolonged torture each character was going though captured my imagination. From pulling off nails and piano wires ripping the fingers off, I wondered what it would sound like to play the piano with just stubs to press the keys in. A chaotic mess I'm sure, but I crafted this album to not be a mess, to be a precise cut of Asian/Eastern music. Two Teeth In channels distorted rhythms of a futuristic street bazaar in a distopic Istanbul…
  • [BP031] Cursed Chimera - Glitch PATH

    6 May 2009, 12:26 de bypass_label


    Artist: Cursed Chimera
    Title: The Glitch PATH
    Cat#: Bypass Label | BP031
    Date of release: 05 May, 2009
    Styles: IDM, Chiptune, Glitch
    Format: File, MP3, 320 kbps

    Cursed Chimera's Glitch PATH is one of his finest forrays into IDM to date. Composed during a time of great flux and much movement on his part, he found the time to compose one of the most deep sounding albums in his current catalog. Crotch Fires! could be featured on any Warp Records compilation as its eary square waves chill the air next to the cut'n'paste downtempo beat that breaks up any chance to maintain a constant flow on the dance floor. Deathly Like Jazz heads into the more noise/glitch side of the album as the driving Hardcore sound of Driver MicroNaughts pounds the PATH further into you skull. We settle back into the soft and hopeful This One Time and finish with Correction, which seems like a happy little bird safe in its nest. …
  • [BP020] Cursed Chimera - Infinite Caustic Change (IDM,Glitch)

    25 Feb 2009, 9:11 de bypass_label

    Cursed Chimera | Infinite Caustic Change | Bypass Label

    Artist: Cursed Chimera
    Title: Infinite Caustic Change
    Cat#: BP020
    Date of release: 25 Feb, 2009
    Styles: IDM, Glitch
    Format: File, MP3, 320 kbps
    Artwork By: Kinle

    Cursed Chimera's Benatos Thompson struggles to define what he enjoys about electronic music. It seems all his work jumps from genre to genre, always leaning towards IDM via Plaid's most darkest moments. Never willing to compromise his sound, you will here the gritty and nasty side of his work that juxtaposes with his more delicate movements. Infinite Caustic Change are apposing ideas where caustic is static yet seemly changing infinitely under the scope of Cursed Chimera's arrangements. What that means is you have an album that has many different song styles, but all the creation techniques are the same and most of the sound design are related in some form. The excellent quality does not changer either and will remain so forever on this album.