• Nobuooo November '09 - Highest Voted Items

    2 Dic 2009, 21:09 de jeriaska

    Once again here is another monthly recap of the highest voted and most read news stories on videogame music posted to the Nobuooo website.

    November 2009 saw the Data Beez chiptune micro tour take place on the West Coast. 2 Player Productions posted their first episode of Penny Arcade TV. Hiroki Kikuta and Hitoshi Sakimoto shared a conversation on writing RPG music for the Super Nintendo. Soundtracks for Tekken 6 and Aquaria were released online, together with Saitone's 8-bit MJ tribute and Machinarium's bonus EP.

    Here is a selection of the most highly rated and read items for November.


    Gaijin Games sponsoring Blip Festival 2009

    Gaijin Games plans to release Bit Trip Void in the U.S. on 11/23 as a Thanksgiving week gift for 600 Nintendo Points, writes GameSetWatch. The company also announced that it is sponsoring New York City's Blip Festival 2009 this December. Both Nullsleep and Bit.Shifter, who guest starred on Bit.Trip Core's soundtrack, are slated to perform at the three-day chiptune concert.
  • April '09 - Nobuooo's Highest Voted Stories

    16 May 2009, 9:48 de jeriaska

    Here is a selection from among the highest voted and most read news stories on videogame music posted to the Nobuooo website during the month of April 2009. Find out what people voted for and commented on during what T.S. Eliot famously dubbed "the cruellest month."

    April was not so cruel a month for Nobuooo, as it turned out. The 4.09 Video Update featured game designers and musicians Baiyon, Chris Schlarb, Nifflas and Alexander Porechnov. Posted to vimeo, the episode was a massive 15-minutes in length and attracted a record number of views. In addition, over 1200 readers joined the Nobuooo twitter feed to keep up with the latest developments in videogame music.

    It was a great month for posts as well. Music videos for Plants vs. Zombies and Goldeneye glitch edition made for some laugh-out-loud funny moments. News of Silent Hill Shattered Memories and 8-bit FM web radio added to the excitement. Here are some of the most popular news items of the month, ranging from music samples, interviews, to VGM-related news. …
  • Baba Yetu

    21 Sep 2006, 20:59 de rstefani

    Músicas para video-game são muito difícieis e quando existem, ou são um Rock n'Roll pesado ou apenas barulhos de tiros.

    Mas o jogo Civilization 4 surpreende pela música. Além da música de compositores famos, tais como Beethoven, Mozart, BRAHMS e muitos outros, existem músicas compostas especialmente para este jogo e músicas muito lindas.

    Uma das músicas que mais cham a atenção neste jogo é a música do Menu, que se chama Baba Yetu e foi compsta por Christopher Tin especialmente para este jogo.

    A música na realidade, é uma versão orquestrada do pai nosso e é cantada em kiSwualli. Vale a pena ouvir.