• WakeyWakey at The Brook Southampton 17th Oct 2011

    18 Oct 2011, 0:50 de Shellme67

    Mon 17 Oct – Wakey!Wakey!, To Kill A King I went to see Wakey!Wakey! on my birthday.... a great present!! I found their album quite some time ago and love their vibe. I saw them support James Blunt back in March and quite frankly they stole the show for me! When I discovered they were playing in Southampton on my birthday I jumped at the chance to see them again. The Brook is a small venue but it's acoustically sound and a great place to get up close & personal with some fab bands.

    Wakey!Wakey! played a good set; a mix of old (which we sang along to) and new tracks... interspersed with a good deal of humour and a large dose of character! Poor Mike had apparently been really poorly and spent a couple of days in & out of hospital.... I was expecting him to be a bit flat (not vocally!) but he was anything but! Having the two support acts (Casey Shea & To Kill A King) join them on stage for backing "harmonies" was genius - just added to the feeling that you'd gone along to a friends gig. …
  • Wakey!Wakey!, Casey Shea & Thom Lyons in London

    24 Ene 2011, 12:29 de Topener

    Thu 20 Jan – Wakey!Wakey!, Casey Shea, Thom Lyons

    , Casey Shea & Thom Lyons in

    Snippet from my review

    The next day was the Relentless Garage gig. The one for which this trip started in the first place. We arrived early, so had to wait in line to enter the building. Once inside we had to wait before the first artist showed his face on stage. But before this happened I saw Casey Shea walking and talked to him. He actually knew my name (how the hell did you know that?!). So after waiting for like 45 minutes, Thom Lyons showed up on stage, and the concert started. Before this concert I never had heard of him, but he was quite good, but unfortunately everyone kept talking around me, and didn’t really enjoy the show because of that.

    Next up was Casey Shea. This time the second time I heard him live, and a different setlist. So I enjoyed

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