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I'm not one for the chat up lines
you broke my heart from time to time
But that doesn't stop me wishing you called
you got by and i got it all
grey clouds , vanish, friends, make up
everybody slamming out in love
i wanna go back
cuz i miss u so much

if I was your girl you’d see
if you were my boy you’d be so happy
wishing for a brighter day, dreaming of the brighter day
if I wasn't for the girl you’re holding tight
if I wasn't for the girl you’re seeing tonight
you’ve been wishing for a brighter day, dreaming of the brighter day

I swear, I never knew what love could do
until the time I started falling in love with you
I thought it would be all so simple but
with romance you know less complex now
i regret never putting myself on the line
oh lord, I wish you'd come back to me all the time
my life's apart since you broke my heart
we watched the clouds part, see the sun come out

summer days in the part last year
i'd see your brace and think "is it here?"
catch side of your face
for while, the sweat
every thug need a god to love, but i'm there
we had little better when you swag it the way

you like my dance, I like the boom you play
back in the day it was all love
the sunshine rising, kept the clouds at bay

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