• Beastie Boys: The Definition of Cool From 1988-1998

    12 Oct 2006, 4:03 de elchoy

    Let's get one thing straight: the Beastie Boys are for the most part terrible. They are terrible singers and every time I hear them mentioned in the same breath of rap music and as rappers I cringe. As trivial as it sounds, they are not rap music but hip-hop. The Beastie Boys were always too Alt-Rock to be actually rap music. They started as a Punk Rock band! You cannot hide the roots. The Beastie Boys key to greatness was that they had an attitude: we're what's cool. From 1988-1998 the attitude was unquestionable and the persuasion inevitable.

    Paul's Boutique

    Paul's Boutique is one of my favorite cds. By far the best Beastie Boys cd, if you haven't heard it, please purchase/download whatever you have to do to get it. Of course it was a commercial failure, it only went platnium but the CD itself is a hip-hop masterpiece. Hundreds maybe thousands of samples of everything from the Beatles to comtemporaries of the day like Public Enemy are taken and put on this album. The Beasties do not dissappoint lyrically either. …