• XII. Bauhaus

    10 Nov 2013, 7:44 de jeff2007

    Bauhaus (15 April 2015)

    Studio Albums
    01. In the Flat Field (1980) --- (10/10)
    02. Mask (1981) --- (10/10)
    03. The Sky's Gone Out (1982) --- (9/10)
    04. Burning from the Inside (1983) --- (9/10)
    05. Go Away White (2008) --- (6/10)
  • My Top 20 Albums, last 3 month

    10 Feb 2010, 10:27 de PoshAttitude

  • More surveys. This time, about concerts.

    1 Mar 2009, 4:20 de Feather_x

    What was the last concert you attended?
    Peter Murphy, like two weeks ago. <3

    How many people were there?
    About 3k? I'm not sure.

    What bands have you seen in concert the most, and how many times?
    I've seen Miranda! and The Rasmus twice. Not really into the later now.

    Do you have any set lists? From what bands?
    Yeah! Peter's :] I jumped onstage and stole it xD

    Are there any CDs in close proximity to you? Which ones?
    Actually I'm in a hotel at the beach. So my closest cd would be Confessions On A Dancefloorby Madonna, which is in my car.

    What band are you in the mood to see live right this second?
    Peter please? Performing Dust, or something calm. Bryan Ferry :D

    Have you ever been on a tour bus?
    Okay, I'll add this to my list of 'things to do before I die'

    Have you ever partied with a band?
    Same as the last question. But I don't party, so let's say hang out.

    How many states/provinces have you been to concerts in?
  • About my top.. 7.

    25 Feb 2009, 16:16 de Feather_x

    1 David Bowie 7,243
    2 Pulp 3,169
    3 Bauhaus 1,451
    4 Madonna 1,377
    5 Peter Murphy 1,344
    6 AFI 1,341
    7 Jarvis Cocker 1,113

    So, these are my charts for the last 12 months. A bit late now, it’s almost March, but I just feel like doing this.

    1. David Bowie, 7243 plays.
    I got into Bowie late last year, in September I think. However, discovering his music was –Just as everyone who starts listening to him- entering a whole new world. He has such an extensive and diverse career, there’s just something for everyone. From the classic rock ‘n’ roll feel of Ziggy Stardust to the post-punk of Station to Station, all the way through soul, chillin’ electronica, aggressive drums&bass and a shitload more. He was also my reason to start listening to The Velvet Underground, Roxy Music and such.
    Well, I can definitely say he’s on top, to stay.

    2. Pulp with 3169 plays.
    Pulp were there, on the other hand, early on 2008. They were my summer (US winter) band that year, listening to them all the way from December to March. …
  • iPOP DEAF!

    6 Feb 2009, 12:55 de badseed01

    I figured that I would grace the digital archives, yet again. I only write one or two of these bloody blogs a year. So, let's see... I'm due! I will spare all of you the pity party, and instead, write something a little more meaningful. How 'bout something like: "Highlights of '08." Or, perhaps "Songs to Piss off Your Tone-Deaf Neighbors." Actually, I originally considered doing a "Most Annoying Songs of '08 That Sucked So Hard, They Sucked Ass Fuck Juice Through a Silly Straw!" Alas, It would prove to be too emotionally draining for me, plus, I would be too disgusted to actually finish it.

    Moving along then... This past year, I've managed to hold my own; kicking against an angry array of screaming emo kids, trendy-ass snot-nosed indie punks, and beguiling Mormon bigots. Fortunately for me, all of that was by the wayside. I can also attest to not falling victim to all the sugary-sweet, saccharin fueled, pop commodities that were strewn about the air waves in 2008. …
  • Albums Of 2008

    14 Ene 2009, 21:00 de a74nh

    What you should have been listing to in 2008...

    1. Goldfrapp- Seventh Tree
    The commercial pop of Supernature may have been a disappointment and ultimately as throwaway as the music it emulated, but thankfully Goldfrapp have reinvented themselves yet again, with a folksy 1970s English summer drenching their trademark sounds. From the sublime opener Clowns, this is a joy to listen to, even on Happiness - a track which by any other band would have left me retching, but here it fits perfectly.
    Listenable on Lastfm : Seventh Tree

    2. Virgin Black - Requiem - Fortissimo
    With Mezzo Forte, the previous part of the trilogy, Virgin Black created a masterpiece of melancholic Classical-Metal that still mesmerises a year on and is rarely far from the car stereo. But with Fortissimo something much different was required. Gone is the weeping beauty, replaced by a mighty roar of Doom-Death, dredging up memories of early the 90's – think Paradise Lost’s “Gothic” and My Dying Bride’s “As the Flower
  • Podsumowanie muzyczne roku 2008 przez polskich wykonawców

    12 Ene 2009, 22:50 de przekaz

    Podsumowanie roku 2008 przez polskich wykonawców


    Poniżej przedstawiamy najlepsze albumy 2008 roku z punktu widzenia pięciu polskich zespołów. W zabawie wzięli udział: Kawałek Kulki, Kyst, Old Time Radio, Organizm i New York Crasnals.

    Zapraszamy do dzielenia się swoimi odkryciami w komentarzach pod tekstem.

    Kawałek Kulki

    Amanda Palmer- "Who Killed Amanda Palmer"
    Arthur Russell - "Love Is Overtaking Me"
    Extra Life - "Secular Works"
    David Byrne & Brian Eno -"Everything That Happens Will Happen Today"
    Kamiński i Brożek - "Jestem tylko człowiekiem"
    Lykke Li - "Youth Novels" (utwór dnia)
    Momus - "Joemus"
    The Complainer & The Complainers - "Power Joy Happiness Fame"
    Vampire Weekend - "Vampire Weekend"


    Animal Collective - "Water Curses EP" (recenzja)
  • 2008 In Review

    31 Dic 2008, 0:50 de xtiandeth

    Album Of The Year:
    Portishead - Third
    A triumphant return. 2008 did not get off to a good start with reunion albums (see disappointments), but Portishead manage to surpass even Dummy with this, my pick for album of the year. Every song on this album is brilliant and as a whole it's even moreso than the sum of its parts.

    2. Scarlett Johansson - Anywhere I Lay My Head
    Largely panned by critics, I loved the 1987 4AD feel that this album had. Sure, Scarlett doesn't have a particularly great voice. But guess what? Neither does Tom Waits. David Sitek's production creates a lush and lavish environment that embraces and nurtures Johansson's voice. I strongly feel that had she not released this album under her own name, but rather under a band name (a la She & Him), there would have been a significantly different reaction to this record.

    3. TV on the Radio - Dear Science
    This one's on everybody's list. You've heard it. No explanation is necessary.

  • 2008

    23 Dic 2008, 20:59 de Cluster_

    Пришло время составить список своих любимых альбомов уходящего года. Итак...
    20. Sigur Rós - Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust. Новый альбом от странных исландцев. Все тот же гипнотический пост-рок с нововведениями в виде акустических инструментов и элементов фолка, плюс первая в истории группы композиция на английском.
    19. Nine Inch Nails - Ghosts I-IV. Неожиданно для всех NIN выпустили инструментальный альбом в стилистике индустриального дарк-эмбиента с элементами рока. Эксперимент можно смело назвать удачным. А спустя всего два месяца Резнор выпустил самый слабый альбом NIN...
    18. Royal Hunt - Collision Course. Продолжение классического альбома "Paradox" и первый альбом с новым вокалистом. Хотя Марку Боалзу вряд-ли когда-либо удастся превзойти великолепного Джона Веста, он все же смог вписаться в коллектив, и группа выпустила еще один крепкий концептуальный прог-металлический альбом.
    17. To-Mera - Delusions. To-Mera стали для меня открытием этого года. …
  • 2008 albums

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