• J. Elliot: One Song Per Week

    6 Nov 2007, 4:44 de puddlegum

    Originally posted on Puddlegum.net

    If you were a songwriter and had a home studio, how often would you record songs? J. Elliot answered this question with “one song per week,” and started the One Song Per Week blog.

    J. Elliot writes and tracks every instrument, mixes, and streams the new song on his website… all accomplished on a weekly basis. The songs are sold digitally on Myspace for $.99, or $2.99 for each month’s “album” of material. Listeners of his blog are given a poll each week to respond to the new song, as well as the option to voice their opinion through comments.

    Elliot shared with Puddlegum, “The main goal here is to just share the songs with people, and maybe those people will tell other people and voila, suddenly you’ve got something.”

    This week J. Elliot posted his tenth song since starting on August 30. We asked Elliot about the difficulty of writing and recording on a consistent basis:

    “The consistency has not been a problem… yet. I have been known to go thru bouts of debilitating writers block. …