• Podcast #9: French UFO’s

    10 Ago 2009, 17:38 de fred_dela

    Time: 53:38
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    01. Niagara "Quand la ville dort"
    02. Art Mengo "Les parfums de sa vie"
    03. Jakie Quartz "Juste une mise au point"
    04. Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine "Lorelei sebasto cha"
    05. Elli Medeiros "Toi mon toit"
    06. Rose Laurens "Mamy Yoko"
    07. Desireless "John"
    08. Alain Souchon "Dandy"
    09. Arnold Turboust & Zabou "Adelaïde"
    10. Bernard Lavilliers "On the road again"
    11. Jil Caplan "Oh tous les soirs"
    12. Maxime Le Forestier "Né quelque part"
    13. Raft "Yaka dansé"
    14. Gold "Ville de lumière"

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  • Florent Pagny's Biography

    23 Dic 2007, 10:05 de sirang

    Florent Pagny was born on November 6 1961 in Chalon-sur-Saône, a town in the Burgundy region. Florent came from a modest working-class background - his parents were both manual labourers - but his greatest dream from an early age was to attend a Performing Arts School where he could study his two great passions, acting and singing. Young Florent did not excel at his general school studies and, at the age of 16, he decided to quit school and leave his home town to try his luck in Paris.

    Florent already had a fair amount of experience behind him when he arrived in Paris. Indeed, the young singer had been performing in local talent contests and on radio competitions since the tender age of 13. Florent had even won a special talent contest organised by the daily newspaper "Dauphine Libéré" during the Tour de France cycling race. But Paris proved to be a tougher option than the provinces. Florent managed to get a 'chambre de bonne' (a small one-room flat) and began earning his living through a number of odd jobs. …