• 27 Great Spiritual Jazz Albums

    15 Feb 2008, 14:53 de beelzbubba

    Continuing in our series over at the Jazz Desk in the Music Advice Center, we recommend these albums as 27 instances of great jazz albums that evoke spirituality or invoke a greater power.

    If you are interested in joining the conversation at the jazz desk, we build these lists two or three entries at a time, readers as editors and critics. The guidelines are simple: the only limits are one entry per (main) artist, the connection to jazz must be present, and each contributor decides his or her definition of the topic. Surrounding the lists, we discuss the finer points of recommendations, and this takes the conversation into new paths.

    astro1_rohit, one of our most prolific contributors, suggested the topic:

    25 Great Spiritual Jazz Albums

    Albert Ayler - Spiritual Unity (1964)
    Alice Coltrane - Huntington Ashram Monastery (1969)
    Art Ensemble of Chicago - Bap-Tizum (1972)
    Charles Tyler Ensemble - Charles Tyler Ensemble (1966)
    Clifford Thornton - Ketchaoua (1969)
    David S. Ware - Godspelized (1998)
  • 50 Most Essential Jazz Albums

    29 Jul 2006, 23:32 de djjazzpants

    ok...this was scary for me to attempt, but I'm giving it a shot. Thats right, my 50 essential jazz albums, now i know this is HIGHLY subjective so please comment and place your own...or say why one of mine shouldnt be on here. Ok now first the rules for how i decided.
    1) I must own the album/cd (this way I've heard it MORE than enough to be sure)
    2) No more than 5 albums per artist...this one got a little sketchy because of some live box sets, but i did my best to assign a number
    3) NO BOX SETS...at least not counting as just one album...UNLESS live box sets not avialible any other form
    Some sidenotes before the list...these are not neccessarily my FAVORITE albums, for example i only have one roscoe mitchell album on the list even though hes one of my top five favorites, and i TRIED to get a good mix of styles and somewhat time...although i failed MISERABLELY with putting newer albums on...so please help with that(falling under the not owning them)