• Aqualung - Gig review

    15 Jul 2007, 17:45 de tippex79

    So, last Thursday meant a trip to Bush Hall for Thu 12 Jul – Aqualung.

    Aqualung were, as ever, great. This was a warm-up gig for them prior to the Latitude Festival, where they'll hopefully win some new fans (or reconnect with some old ones who might have forgotten about them). It was an excellent setlist, with a good mix of older songs and stuff from the new album (which, judging by people's reactions, everyone has a copy of, despite it not having been officially released in the UK yet).

    Matt seemed a little bit quiet at first as the band ran through the first few numbers without much chat (although he did rock off his spectacles pretty early on) but he seemed to come more to the fore as the gig went on, improvising a song about the fact that he'd been on a first aid course that day and he got chattier from that point onwards.

    It's hard to pick out particular song highlights as the whole set was immensely enjoyable. All of the new stuff works extremely well live (as the new album…
  • Belated Aqualung gig review

    19 Abr 2007, 12:21 de tippex79

    So, I went to Thu 12 Apr – Aqualung and I've just got round to writing a gig review for it. I blame illness followed by a trip home.

    I think this is the closest I've ever stood to the stage at a gig. It's a bit surprising as we didn't turn up very early at all but there was still loads of space right by the stage. I was close enough to be deafened by the bass speaker and almost close enough to reach up and touch Ben Hales. A couple of the songs were being filmed (Cinderella and Outside), so hopefully I'll be appearing on those videos.

    Support was from a young lady by the name of Kate Walsh. She was a very good acoustic singer-songwriter type. There was also some nice chat between songs (I always find that a good story about where the song comes from makes me listen more closely to support artists, and helps me remember the song). She reminded me quite a lot of Gemma Hayes, which is a good thing. My friend Ged_uk bought her album and I'll be interested to know what he makes of it.
  • Gig review - Aqualung

    13 Abr 2007, 14:00 de Ged_UK

    Last night I went to ULU to see Aqualung.

    In a fantastic return to form with the support acts, we had the wonderful Kate Walsh, a singer-songwriter who reminded me strongly of both Jenny Lewis and Martha Wainwright, which is No.Bad.Thing. I was so impressed, i bought the album (and got a free aqualung one too!). Hopefully i'll see her again at some time in the future.

    Now, I wasn't actually a fan of Aqualung. That's not to say i don't like them, but i've just never heard their stuff before (or at least that i'm aware of). They were simply awesome! ULU is a tighly packed little venue, and it was rocking like nobody's business!

    Matt Hales, who to all intents and purposes is Aqualung, is a really nice, cheery and, well, just normal, guy. I've seen his brother Ben Hales playing guitar for Duke Special. I've sadly forgotten the bass player's name, but the drummer David was utterly unique in that he actually played the violin during one song. …
  • Cheer-up songs that actually cheer you up (constantly updating)

    28 Ene 2007, 7:31 de jjsoa

    This is just a list of songs that are perfect for a gray day. Cheers. It's also in no particular order

    The Remedy
    Who says that you deserve this
    And what kind of god would serve this?
    We will cure this dirty old disease
    If you've got the poison I've got the remedy

    Because when I'm with you there's nothing I wouldn't do
    I just want to be your only one
    I'm grasping out at straws thinking back to what I saw
    That night on the floor when we were all alone

    Hey Julie
    Working all day for a mean little guy
    With a bad toupee and a soup-stained tie
    He's got me running 'round the office
    Like a gerbil on a wheel
    He can tell me what to do
    But he can't tell me what to feel

    And I will wait for you
    As long as I need to
    And if you ever get back to Hackensack
    I'll be here for you

    Gong Li
    Some people say you made it,
    I'm not afraid to know, when things are getting low

    Sadie Hawkins Dance
    And since I'm rather smart and
  • Obsession with the Brits

    23 Feb 2006, 23:18 de ceruleanedge

    how i love british music... and i think it all started with Coldplay. so sweet and simple, honest and sincere, so real. it's all chris martin's fault for writing "Yellow". you cannot help but fall for a man that says your skin and bones turn into something BEAUTIFUL. and that the stars shine FOR YOU. well, then the whole world discovered them with the release of "A Rush of Blood to the Head" and i fell in love with "The Scientist" and "Warning Sign", also feeling the pain behind "Amsterdam" but not quite understanding the name.

    after coldplay, i discovered the intellectual alienation and paranoia of Radiohead. so achingly honest, awkward and brittle, brilliant and caustic, cuttingly brutal and whimsically dreamy. i felt for "Creep". i felt the emotion and angst down to my bones and tingly nerves. the self-loathing, the doubt, the awe and love. and "Let Down" is simply a masterpiece of pure genius, beautiful, nostalgic, melancholy, tragic and resurrecting. …