• Weird Scenes Inside of My Mind

    24 Mar 2007, 17:17 de redrimbaud

    Well...its sure been a right long time since my last mix. So I guess its time again to put another together just for the heck of amusing myself. As usual, this one's best consumed with the lights down low, sometime deep into the night. I'm gonna try to put it up for downloading if there are any of you out there who're keen on giving it a go.

    01. Nanou 2

    I've recently been drawn to Aphex Twin's work. not so much his techno/break-neck beats stuff. More of his ambient-mood pieces. In particular the tracks off Disc 2 of Drukqs are gorgeously melancholic. This track opens my mix because its so sparse and filled with longing. It should draw you in slowly and gently. At times, just two notes on the piano, but filled with emotional weight. I can put this track on loop and stare into my soul the whole night long.

    02. Drive

    This is an old old track. Something that I haven't played in ages. For all those Cars fans out there, you'll probably be kicking up an almighty fuss, but this cover floats on an entirely different plane. …