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  • Lugar de nacimiento

    Barnet, London, England, Reino Unido

Although he was most interested in acid house and early Detroit techno, Reece came to prominence in the mid-1990s as a jungle star. Reece began DJing in the late 1980s. In 1992 Jack Smooth offered Reece a trainee studio engineer job, and Reece went on to engineer for Smooth on many of the early Basement Records releases. Reece first tried house (recording with his brother, Oscar, under the name of Exodus), but graduated to drum and bass.

His initial releases appeared on the Sinister, Creative Wax, and Moving Shadow record labels, but Reece made his name with Goldie's MetalHeadz Records. Single releases "Basic Principles" and "Pulp Fiction" became jungle standards. Pulp Fiction was released in 1995 as a single on MetalHeadz (MET H 011) where Alex's surname was incorrectly listed as "Reese" on the first batch. Pulp Fiction was also later released on an album by Goldie, again on his MetalHeadz label, preventing Alex from putting it out on his own album "So Far" on the label, 4th & Broadway. Instead Alex produced a remake of "Pulp Fiction" called "Pulp Friction", released in 1996.

Reece cemented his reputation with additional recordings as Jazz Juice (for Precious Materials), Lunar Funk (for Mo'Wax), and the Original Playboy (for R&S). In early 1995, Reece secured a recording contract when Island Records recruited him for their Quango subsidiary. His debut album, So Far was released in September 1996, but whilst the issue was well received in most circles, the jungle underground – led by Goldie – had practically disowned Reece by that time.His 1996 singles "Feel the Sunshine", "Candles" and "Acid Lab" were released under the Fourth & Broadway banner without real commercial success.

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