• Alestorm - Black Sails At Midnight

    3 Nov 2009, 10:52 de MinaseTaki

    "From lands across the sea, we have returned once more..."

    Black Sails at Midnight, de Alestorm. Creo que cualquiera estaría de acuerdo en que una banda cuyo nombre significa "tormenta de cerveza" y que se autoproclama "True Scottish Pirate Metal" tiene que ser o una broma pésima, o una de las mejores bandas del mundo. Si te decantaste por la segunda opción, estás en lo cierto.

    Se formaron hace unos cinco años, y tras algunos cambios en la formación y un par de EPs, grabaron Captain Morgan's Revenge el año pasado, el cual fue un álbum de power metal bastante bueno, si acaso con alguna canción de relleno, pero en general bastante sólido. Se caracterizaba por elementos folclóricos y sinfónicos, con un intenso uso del teclado.

    Antes de seguir, me gustaría señalar que hay un elemento en la música de Alestorm que les distingue del resto de bandas de power metal: se trata de la voz de Christopher Bowes. …
  • Albums of 2009, as I see them (Part 1)

    25 Oct 2009, 3:17 de kensai_D

    This is just a post discussing my thoughts on some of the new releases this year that I've managed to get my hands on and listen to. Each review, per se, will only be brief as I have a fair few to get through, but long enough to share my thoughts on them. Please, leave your comments and let me know what you think. Starting in alphabetical order, first "cab off the rank" is:

    Alestorm - Black Sails at Midnight

    Well... What can I say about this? Compared to their earlier effort (see Captain Morgan's Revenge) this just falls flat. Tracks like "Leviathan" and "Chronicles of Vengeance" try to fool you into thinking you were listening to their first major release, however it's a pity that the best track on the album is just a cover. If you liked Captain Morgan's Revenge, then do yourself a favour and listen to it again, just louder, rather than bother listening to this.

    Breaking Benjamin - Dear Agony

    Following on the heels of 2006's Phobia, I was a little anxious to see how this one would turn out. …
  • With a Bottle of Rum and a Yo Ho Ho!

    12 Jun 2009, 4:12 de Necravolvr

    Black Sails at Midnight, Alestorm's newest release, isn't as wholly pirate-y overall as Captain Morgan's Revenge, but it is still an incredibly strong and solid album. The songs maintain an epic swashbuckling feel while keeping a great level of variety between the tracks so that none of them sound rehashed or repetitive. "Keelhauled" is easily my favorite, with "That Famous Ol' Spiced" and "Leviathan" following. There are ten tracks total spanning across forty-five minutes, and the album doesn't feel too long or too short. I'm definitely pleased with this album and recommend it to anyone who might be even slightly inclined to sample some Scottish Pirate Metal.