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2814 (stylized in fullwidth characters as 2814) is a British collaborative ambient and vaporwave project of the electronic musicians t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 (often shortened to "t e l e p a t h") and HKE (an abbreviation of the earlier moniker "Hong Kong Express"). 2814 is best known for the album Atarashii Hi no Tanjō (新しい日の誕生, "Birth of a New Day"), described by Rolling Stone as "A late night cruise through the cyber-future dream highway.
2814 debuted in 2014 with a self-titled release on the Internet music label, Ailanthus Recordings. The album was followed up in early 2015 by Birth of a New Day, released digitally and in a limited run of CDs on HKE's own label, Dream Catalogue. An Indiegogo campaign later in 2015 to press a double LP record version of the album ended with £6,432 at 161% of its goal. The project released its third album, Rain Temple, in 2016
The project has described their own work as a focus on the surreal qualities of vaporwave rather than 1980s or 1990s aesthetic. In their interview with Rolling Stone, HKE said when describing Birth of a New Day, "We wanted to show how the whole vaporwave vibe could be made as original music rather than just relying on the same muzak and kitsch-pop samples everyone else had been using for years…" Their later album, Rain Temple, was described by HKE as "intense, dramatic and cinematic" and as containing elements of spirituality.

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