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Korean indie-rock band.
Members: Kim Jae Wook (김재욱): Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter, Kim Tae Hyun (김태현): Drums, Songwriter, Yoo, Seung Beon (유승범): Guitar, Songwriter, Yang Si On (양시온): Bass Guitar, Songwriter
When told it took them a very long time to release their first single album, Walrus' Kim Jae-wook (vocalist, guitarist) answered with a smile, "The fact that we made it happen is what's important." It has now been close to ten years since they met as seniors and juniors of the same major in college in 2002 and started their band. And during that time, Kim has pursued a modeling and acting career, Kim Tae-hyun (drums) has worked in over 20 bands, and Yu Seoung-beom (guitar) has gained on his experience in bands and as a member of the chorus to pop singers. The group gained speed when former Bremen member Yang Si-on (bass) joined and finally, early this year, they released their first single "WALRUS." Below are excerpts from 10Asia's interview with the four who are still not rushing things and not compromising.

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