babymakers in the eye of the beholder....

  • babymakers in the eye of the beholder....

    Some guy somewhere said "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". Maybe it was a girl who said it but who cares, my point is, out of curiosity, may I have some examples of "uglies" according to the members of this group? After all, I am new here and I don't want to be the one girl who just doesn't fit in... = (

    anyway, thanks<3

  • yeah i don't have an example of "uglies" we really dont discriminate here...the no uglies thing is more of an inside share away!

  • it's just that all the boys getting play here look ...... alike-ish... but okay!

  • haha i see your point. but maybe opening our eyes to diffrent looking guys may broaden our musical horizons too!

  • yeah broad our horizons and show some of your tastes in men :) to be honest I like different types of men, but mostly so called rockers/grungers/metalheads which aren't that popular here ;) but I respect people's opinions, because everyone's different and everybody likes different people. it's just that you don't choose who you like. you like someone and that's it. ;)

    for example a lot of girls here I see love Pete Doherty - when I see him I want to get away :P :) it's not the looks, cause he's not ugly, it's just something about him I really don't like.

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    • 14 Ene 2012, 14:14
    Thanksss :L

  • Most of the guys you list are not of my particular liking.
    I joined to see what others like.

    I just find it kinda sad that the women here don't seem to like any guys from the country genre.

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