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Líder: blazet
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Creado el: 31 Ene 2006
Last.fm promised me a pony on signup up... where the FUCK is it now hey? WHERE IS IT!!!!

A group dedicated to the reform of the pony!

po·ny (pō'nē) pronunciation
n., pl. -nies.

1. Any of several types or breeds of horses that are small in size when full grown, such as the Shetland pony.
1. Informal. A racehorse.
2. Sports. A polo horse.
3. Something small for its kind, especially a small glass for beer or liqueur.
4. A word-for-word translation of a foreign language text, especially one used secretly by students as an aid in studying or test-taking. Also called crib, trot.
5. Chiefly British. The sum of 25 pounds.

tr. & intr.v., -nied, -ny·ing, -nies.

To study with the aid of a pony: pony a lesson; ponied all night before the exam.

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