• A passionate plea

    30 Jul 2012, 0:20 de musinum

    I am sending this out to all groups to which I belong. It is not about music, but it is about the world we all live in. It's aimed particularly at my American friends and co-members, but because of America's unique position in the world, it affects everyone and the kind of world we'll all be living in for a long time.

    Group leaders, it's up to you whether you treat this as spam, or post it. I try my best never to spam, but I feel so strongly about this that I'm willing to take the chance.

    I hope that as artists and appreciators of music and other arts, and as people who think and feel for themselves, the majority of us here can appreciate the historic importance of Barack Obama's election to the American Presidency, and the efforts he continues to make (against a very entrenched opposition who represent the interests of the rich and powerful) to make life more livable for the ordinary citizens of the United States and for the rest of the world as well.

    Perhaps some of us who cheered his election four years ago are disappointed that he has not been able to completely transform the world in the ways we had imagined, but as someone who has been involved in social causes for half a century, I can tell you that nothing comes quickly or easily. What is important is the fight and the day-to-day effort.

    I expect that a number of you see the world in exactly the opposite terms, and that an even larger number are not involved in politics and perhaps haen't given a lot of thought to the upsoming election. (I'm speaking primarily to the Americans among you here. Every country has its own issues and its own struggles, and there are brave and hard-working citizens in many countries fighting oppression that we Americans can scarcely imagine!) But what is at stake here is nothing less than the kind of country we will live in for many years to come.

    The message of the right is that if we take care of the rich and privileged, that the crumbs that fall from their table will eventually feed the rest of us. If that doesn't seem right to you, it may be because that particular social experiment was given an extensive trial thru the Reagan administration and thru Bush father and son. The result was disaster.

    What happened was exactly what you might expect when all the safeguards that were built into the system over the years to protect the rest of us from the abuses of money and power, and from greed and corruption, were systematically dismantled. The top tax rate is a small fraction of what it was fifty years ago, and we are being asked to lower it even further, at the price of cutting the services that most first-world countries take for granted: the social safety net, affordable health care, funds for education, care for the environment... the list goes on and on.

    The President has manged to get a good start at pulling this country back from the cliff it was about to fall over... but we are being asked to roll back all that progress and go back to the same things that got us in this mess in the first place. It is as if arsonists have set your house on fire, and then when the firemen are attempting to fight the flames with water, suggesting that we pour on gasoline instead!

    To those of my felliow Americans who feel as I do and want to help, I have set up a grassroots fundraising site with the ambitious goal of $5,000 for the Obama campaign. Any amount helps! My site is here:

    Thanks you,

    Tim Doyle
  • Guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr 2011!

    31 Dic 2010, 12:15 de Namasti

    Ich wünsche Euch allen ein gelungenes, gesundes und erfolgreiches neues Jahr,
    weiterhin viel Spaß und Unterhaltung mit goog music :-D
  • Prem Joshua's New Album

    13 Abr 2010, 5:15 de astroanu2004

    I heard a news from Prem Joshua telling that he and his band will release their new album in the end of this year.. Prem Joshua
  • Paste Fericit, intru Iubire de Iisus

    18 Abr 2009, 19:36 de kalysto_bliss

    Iubirea de Dumnezeu este cel mai frumos lucru, cea mai deosebita experienta. De fapt la asta se rezuma totul, si acesta este scopul ultim al vietii noastre - Iubirea de Dumnezeu.
    Cand iubim pe Dumnezeu iubim Totul, si aceasta stare se reflecta in toate. Prin aceasta iubire totul se transforma, relatiile cu ceialti, prezentul, viitorul.

    Este important sa cautam aceasta iubire de Dumnezeu, cu tot sufletul nostru si cu toate puterile noastre, si este important ca acum sa fim deschisi cu mintea si cu sufletul - ca sa putem primi ajutorul ce ni se ofera acum, deoarece singuri ne este foarte greu.

    Prin domnul Ioan Muntean din Arad se realizeaza alchimia spirituala, totul transformandu-se in aur. Este important sa acceptam si sa ne folosim frumos de acest dar de la Dumnezeu.

    Iar acum, dragii mei, va doresc din suflet un Paste Fericit luminos si plin de iubire de Iisus si de Dumnezeu. Sa ne bucuram precum copiii de toata aceasta sarbatoare si sa ne umplem inimile. Sa impartasim cu totii, cu cei apropriati noua, cu natura si cu intreaga creatie aceasta iubire de Dumnezeu care o simtim in suflete. Multumim Tatalui! Amin.

    Cu Lumina si Iubire de Dumnezeu, de Iisus si de viata,
  • About Prem Joshua

    24 Ago 2008, 19:04 de astroanu2004

    Prem Joshua
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    Prem Joshua (Hindi: प्रेम जोशुआ) is a German musician, active since 1991.

    Born in Germany, Joshua learnt the flute at the age of five and played the flute and the saxophone for various local bands. At the age of eighteen, he travelled overland to India studying the indigenous folk music of countries along the way.[1]

    On reaching India, Joshua learnt to play the sitar from India’s finest teachers including Ustad Usman Khan and the enlightened mystic, Osho. Osho inspired him and his music. His website states that "In the presence of this man with a long white beard, eyes as deep as the ocean and a strong sense of humor, he came in touch with the art of the “inner music” - Silence. This was really coming home!"

    Throughout his career, he has experimented with various forms of music, creating a blend of the east and the west, with his former experience as a saxophone player. He has also worked extensively with other producers, making remixes of his own songs and infusing traditional Hindustani acoustic instruments with lounge and trance beats. His music has immensely contributed to the Asian Underground and fusion scene.

    In 1991, Joshua launched his first project, “Terra Incognita”, with Kora player, Ravi, and British Sarod player, Chinmaya Dunster, with which he released two albums. He subsequently released four solo albums and formed the band, “Hamsafar”, with which he released one album.

    Following this, Joshua began to experiment with genres like drum and bass, lounge, and trance, while still focusing on traditional Hindustani music.

    Band Members

    Chintan Relenberg — Loops, Keyboards, Darbouka, Tabla, Vocals
    Raul Sengupta — Tabla, Percussion, Vocals
    Satgyan Fukuda — Bass, Percussion, Vocals
    Prem Joshua — Sitar, Flute, Saxophone, Dilruba, Santoor, Vocals