is blocked for your age group

  • is blocked for your age group

    I'm running out of ideas. This is my son's account since he is the only one with a gold account in the family right now. His account has always been set up as a child account yet he used to be able to access some time back and now is not anymore. the xbox tells me:

    " is blocked for your age group

    For more information, visit on your computer."

    What i'm finding there is:

    "Enter your account information and select Login.

    Note If your account is an Xbox LIVE child account, you’ll be prompted for the Windows Live ID and password of the linked adult account. This step is required to confirm parental consent."

    Here is my problem.

    1. it never asks me to log in on his account even after i have deleted and re-installed the app.
    2. it never asks for parental consent, for me to approve access for my son's account

    I have already tried changing family settings, currently have it set to allow explicit content. I do not want to change his account into an adult account, i just want his child account to be able to play again.

    Can anyone help me? Does anyone know what I'm missing? Thanks!

    • Esaggese escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 24 Dic 2011, 0:29

    Same problem here

    I'm having exactly the same problem here. I have tried changing the content policies for the account and reassociating my son's account (whose Gold account I purchased precisely to be able to use!!!) to a new Live ID account with my birth date, to no avail.
    The error message (exactly the one you are seeing) is ridiculously uninformative.

    • Emmy1999 escribió...
    • Usuario
    • 28 Dic 2011, 22:59

    Me too!

    What a bummer. My daughter is going to bug me endlessly for my account and means giving her control of the primary account, thus defeating the whole parental control thing.

    Microsoft, please make a change in this regard. I went to my account online and can't even see my daughters accounts, just mine. sigh.

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