Spotify and ECM

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    • 6 Ene 2010, 15:39

    Spotify and ECM

    Hey, everyone.
    I just recently discovered Spotify. I actually heard about it a long time ago but for some reason wasn't interested. But I saw my friend using it and figured out a way to join. You usually need to be invited, but I found away around it (which is legal). Just go here: (just found out that this link only works if you're in the UK)
    The reason why I'm so excited about it and wanting to share with you guys is that it has an enormous amount of ECM on there, in good quality sound. I've plugged my computer straight into my sound system and I've been listening to plenty of ECM stuff, amongst other things. I've been especially listening to some of the 70s and early 80s stuff. It's great seeing as ECM cds can be so expensive sometimes.
    For those who don't know what Spotify is, it's a program that you download for free, you set up an account and it's like a media player... except you don't play files from your own library/hard drive, you stream files. So, it's like having a huge library on the internet. There's millions of tracks and thousands of albums. And it's completely legal, so no guilt involved. Also great for trying things before you buy them.
    I'm currently listening to the Rypdal, Vitous, DeJohnette album from 1978.
    Has anyone else been using Spotify, especially to listen to ECM? I think ECM must have some kind of deal going with Spotify.

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    I've discovered a lot of ECM-records at Spotify - Great stuff! Just ordered a bunch of records, as there is a ECM anniversary sale going on right now. At least all big record stores on the internet seems to have 20 - 30% discount on most titles from ECM as i can see.

    Bartekos '-'
  • Eberhard Weber on Spotify

    Hello! I got a free version of Spotify some months ago, and soon found out there was really a lot of stuff from ECM. Since the records are hard to find in stores and are rarely cheap, I was happy about this.
    I checked out Jan Garbarek, Ralph Towner (but I already got most of his music) and for some reason Eberhard Weber. I know him from my brother's record collection since the 80's, but I have never listened to him so much, just an occasional album now and then. Now I found a lot of his music and began to listen and liked a lot of it a lot.
    But a few months ago it was all gone from Spotify. EVERYTHING that he was playing on. He must have drawn back his rights from Spotify. And I can't blame him; I've heard that the artist gets extremely little money from that. Unless they are very famous artists of course. But few of the ECM artists have big audiences.
    I will look for Eberhards CD's in a second hand store i Malmö, Sweden. I found one or two of his albums there, in very good shape. I can afford that... ;-)
    But mostly I buy them new, of course; Ralph Towner's albums, and some of Jan Garbarek. They are worth their income, both the artists and the record company (THIS record company).

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