Possible worst song writing ever

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    • 7 May 2007, 22:47

    Possible worst song writing ever

    The song where they talk about having pants around feet.

    I mean, come on!
    They can't be that non-talented that they cant come up with some lyrics that actually make them sound intelligent.
    Probably the stupidest songs I've ever heard come from this band.

  • You mean this Shit

    Its like hes talking about his hill-billy sister that he fucked in the barn behind their house.

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    • 9 May 2007, 4:51
    Here are some of the parts I was talking about:

    "I like the freckles on your chest"
    "I like the white stains on your dress"
    "And I like the dirt that's on your knees"

    Honestly, I just don't get it. I'm baffled at how 40 year old moms and pre-pubescent(spelling?) teens can just "rock out!!!!" to those lyrics??

  • You know what's disgusting? They sang "Photograph" at my high school graduation last year. They wanted me to sing it. I said "No. Photograph is not a song about graduation, it is about a high-school dropout, and that song is terrible." They didn't listen. And they sang it w/out me. I am very proud that I had no part in that. I will, however, forever hate Nickelback for ruining my graduation with their shitty music.

    By they, I mean some friends of mine. Not Nickelback themselves. Otherwise I would've thrown rocks like a Portuguese person.

  • wow, that sucks. I can't imagine how horrible a graduation would be with Nickelback music. The songwriting is so awful it makes me cringe. Nickelback is talentless.

  • Bravo to your refusal to sing that horrible excuse for a song!!

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    • 23 May 2007, 4:13
    My graduation is in a week. Hopefully I wont have to deal with them there.

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