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Anti-Bashers v2.0. Great taste, less filling.

(Under new leadership 04/04/07)

Anti-Bashers was once the primary home for users fed-up with the constant presence of trolls on the website. however has never had any shortage of users willing to express their displeasure at the immaturity of the trolls with whom they share this online community, and thus the mantle has since been passed to other groups who now sit at the forefront of the ongoing war against's trolls. Anti-Bashers is now largely inactive and remains in existence solely as an archive for those interested in reading former anti-troll, pro-fee speech discussions from's history.

The following is the last known mission statement of the Anti-Bashers group, revised on 04/04/2007, toward the beginning of the group's decline in popularity:

This is a group for people who wish that people who don't like certain things could just get over it and stop putting other people down over a difference of opinion.

In a large internet community such as, it is inevitable that many people will have (that dangerous thing) opinions that they wish to express.

While members of this group cannot (and need not) all be capable of claiming that they are not guilty of expressing their own negative opinions on some ocassions, we do acknowledge that this can be irritating and possibly even hurtful to others.

As such, we honestly hope that the presence of this group will encourage our fellow community members to try and remember their opinions are opinions.

NOTE: ELITISM STINKS is a group with a very similar purpose to this one and has a more active forum. You may wish to join that group as well or (dare I say it?) instead.

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