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Band mis-named

  • Band mis-named

    The band rubyrough is misnamed on last fm as ruby rough. I use Spotify and get an error that the band is misnamed in spotify, the similar tracks playlist from spotify doesn't work for this band.

    I looked on the band webpage and they indeed seem to be called rubyrough.
    Ruby Rough

  • Even I am not so sure...

    Read on - the first installment on their website could be a typo, or their indie record label, which actually is Rubyrough(as one word). They are credited with film scores and the credits call them Ruby Rough (Two separate words). Facebook calls them "Ruby Rough" : Also: Stephanie herself, has named her Facebook page "Ruby Rough" (Two separate words). Their Official My Space Music page, has them as "Ruby Rough": .

    The best way to know for certain, I am supposing, would be the properties inside the digital albums and tracks.

    Note: on their albums it does have their name written "rubyrough", yet this is also intentional un-capitalized lettering, as well as smashed together.

    Also Note: The profile on LastFM is managed to some degree by "Ruby Rough" themselves and they may have chose the url as, (Two separate words). Check Stephanies profile here, as she calls them, "Ruby Rough" in her "About Me" section:


    Just to clarify, I purchased the track "Easier" from the album "Real" and Scrobbled it, to see where the Scrobble data would go and it went here:, instead of going to the band profile you linked, here: This is based on the tracks internal data.

    So, you are correct - The profile you are mentioning is incorrect - The artist is definitely recording tracks under the name Rubyrough(as one word).

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