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Jul 16

Fullmoon Festival

Con la actuación de Analog Pussy, Atomic Pulse y 38 artistas más en Flugplatz Wittstock


Miércoles 16 de Julio de 2008Lunes 21 de Julio de 2008


Flugplatz Wittstock
Wittstock / Alt Daber, Germany

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Once again, we like to welcome our national and international friends from around the globe to celebrate the July Full Moon in a very special way - full on art, full on culture, full on surprises and all kinds of electronic trance music. We will have a “Full On Stage”, a new “Progressive Stage” and for sure our magical Chill/Ambient Stage. For more info please check the “stages” button.

The old mystical and forgotten Russian army airbase with all its hills and hangars is surrounded by nature and a massive grassland campground until horizon and it seems to be perfect for a festival like this. Even a lake is situated only 300 meters from the stages away. Until now we have signed more than 150 artists from not less than 25 nations and we emailed tickets to more than 30 countries. Shops from all over the world will create an huge oriental market providing food, drinks, CDs, wear, gear ...

You will also find a lot of cultural activities like fire shows, fire performers, stilt walkers, workshops and theatre performers. For the nights we will bring you mind blowing Laser shows at 2 stages and for the hot days the well known sprinkler-system.

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