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Mar 13

Future Music Festival Asia 2015


Con la actuación de Avicii, Afrojack y 17 artistas más en Changi Exhibition Centre

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Este evento se canceló.


Viernes 13 de Marzo de 2015Sábado 14 de Marzo de 2015


Changi Exhibition Centre
Singapore, Singapore

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About Your Magical Music Playground (aka the Changi Exhibition Centre):
With a total area size of 140,000 square meters, you’ll even have space to roll around when The Prodigy’s playing. And if you’re not one to roll, 140,000 sq. meters is equivalent to 14 football fields or two times the size of our past FMFA venues.
There’s a breathtaking sea view. In fact one of our massive stages will be located right by the ocean. Cue, #selfie.
There’s a MASSIVE indoor arena that can fit up to 40,000 people at anyone time (read: better acoustics, air conditioned and rain proof. FMFA 1–0 Mother Nature).
Getting there isn’t as hard as you think. The airport’s a mere 5 minutes drive away and has an MRT system that gets you into the city in less than 15 minutes. We’re also working to extend the MRT operating hours and to provide you with free shuttle bus services from various locations around town. There’ll also be tones of cabs waiting outside the venue. More deets on transportation will be announced a couple of weeks before the festival
Finally, as Barney Stinson once said, “New is always better”. FMFA will effectively be the first large-scale music festival to take place at the CEC.On a separate note, you’ll also now be able to tell your future kids where you met their mother.

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