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Mar 3

Music Freedom Day Budapest

Con la actuación de 911Q3, Belvárosi ütőegyüttes y 6 artistas más en Bakelit Multi Art Center


Sábado 3 de Marzo de 2012Sábado 3 de Marzo de 2012


Bakelit Multi Art Center
Budapest, Hungary

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Music Freedom Day is prestigious series of events that is organized every year on the same day, 3rd March by Swedish organisation Freemuse. The aim of creating the organisation was to draw attention to freedom of practising of fundamental human rights and inequalities, barriers and abuses connected with them experienced all over the world. Lyric writers, composers, musicians and music bands are coming this day and bring us artistic projections of those fundamental rights that are given us by birth, but still are in many cases injured.

This event is present on the stage 14 years. Every year, on one single day, in almost every country of the world music programs are organized. In 2012 Hungary is one of the places of realisation for second time. This year, just as last year Trans Europe Halles (TEH) has chosen Bakelit Multi Art Center as the location of Music Freedom Day.

Thanks to our independent cultural institutional background, infrastructure, location and system of relationships now, by music, we can help those, who need it the most.

Because to be a human with dignity, under all circumstances is our fundamental right. This is the main message of Music Freedom Day Budapest 2012.

Through this international collaboration we would like to focus on those, who make their own lives more bearable and beautiful by the healing power of music, and on this way bring joy to life of the others. Our aim is the integration and social acceptance of people with disabilities and we would like to show the power of Music that can be for some people the only way out from their prison of body or spirit. Because freedom is for everyone.

Detailed information coming soon!!

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