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May 4

SPOT Festival 2012

Con la actuación de Aersoul, Age Of Giants y 126 artistas más en In- and outdoor scenes around Musikhuset and Ridehuset


Viernes 4 de Mayo de 2012Sábado 5 de Mayo de 2012


In- and outdoor scenes around Musikhuset and Ridehuset
Århus C, 8000, Denmark

Tel.: +45 86128444


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The SPOT festival has 4 main goals:

* To focus primarily on the newer Danish and Nordic music production
* To bridge the gap between artistic ambitions and the commercial potential of the music
* To support and further the cultural qualities of the music
* To contribute in developing international networks through exchange of concerts and cultural and commercial experience.

The ambition of the SPOT festival is to create a promotion platform for the Danish and Nordic music. The festival’s repertoire is dictated chiefly by the will to support new bands and artists that are of a quality to succeed internationally.

The line-up comprises both debutants as well as more established artists who are recognized as being of interest to either national or international music promoters, cultural institutions or media.

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