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Oct 1

Electronic Circus Festival

Con la actuación de Glenn Main, Józef Skrzek y 3 artistas más en Die Weberei


Sábado 1 de Octubre de 2011Sábado 1 de Octubre de 2011


Die Weberei
Bogenstr. 1 - 8, Gütersloh, 33330, Germany

Tel.: +49-5241-23478-0


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The Electronic Circus EM Festival is an independent Festival made by long time fans and supporters of the EM Scene in the north west of Germany. We try to keep up and reanimate the EM Scene as you perhaps remember it from the golden years of EM in the 70s,80s and 90s. We build up a festival with heart where you can meet friends and musicians in a friendly and warm atmosphere.
Our Location is The Weberei in Gütersloh. The Weberei is an old weaving mill that has been turned into a multifunctional concert hall. It is situated in the north west of Germany in the middle of Hannover and Dortmund in Gütersloh.
Glenn MainPicture Palace musicWave WorldSteve Schroyder


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