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Jul 28


Con la actuación de Lustmord, Agnes Mercedes y 52 artistas más en Norbergfestival


Jueves 28 de Julio de 2011Sábado 30 de Julio de 2011


Gamla Banan 6, Norberg, 73821, Sweden


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Norbergfestival takes place in a small town in the middle of the deep Swedish forests. Iron was mined here for hundreds of years. The industry prospered until the 1960's when it collapsed leaving a ghostlike scenery behind. Tall concrete buildings and deep mine shafts were left to themselves for years ... Until one day when Norbergfestival was created in the immense mysterious building Mimerlaven.

What other place could be better suited for electronic music than this decaying industrial setting? Mimer with its stairs and plateaus where you can climb up to find your own "sweet spot" with abstract art, light and rusty iron machinery while experiencing the music with your body and ears.

Norbergfestival is the leading event in the Scandinavian electronic music scene. Whether you like 8-bit chip tunes, drone, ambient, dub, techno, breakcore, electro-acoustic music or what ever that new genre is called, you will hear it at one of the stages at the festival. Lie down, close your eyes and dream of something weird for a while or just dance all night. Norbergfestival is about unique electronic music in a unique post industrial setting with unique visitors. We suggest you come and experience it for yourselves!


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